15 celebs who positively raise awareness for mental health

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Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner has been known to turn her Twitter timeline into a bit of a mental health PSA at times. Most recently, she clapped back at Piers Morgan for agreeing with Beverley Callard’s comment that “celebs are trying to make mental health problems fashionable.”

Here’s the initial tweet:

Turner took a page out of Sansa Stark’s book and fed him to the dogs, replying with, “Or maybe they have a platform to speak out about it and help get rid of the stigma of mental illness which affects 1 in 4 people in UK per year. But please go ahead and shun them back into silence.”

But Turner isn’t just one to shut down white men from Hollywood who should have absolutely no opinion when it comes to anything. She’s starring in X-Men: Dark Phoenix this summer and she’s mentioned that the film itself will cover certain themes of mental illness.

Here’s her explanation from last year’s New York Comic Con: “This movie also deals with mental health. My family has a history of mental health, and this story deals with it in a non-gimmicky way that’s awesome to put on the screen.”

As sad as we are to see Sansa Stark’s story come to an end on television, at least we know Turner isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.