Star Wars Resistance preview: An ace pilot has gone missing


An unexpected character goes missing and Aunt Z makes herself a target for the First Order in this preview of the next all-new episode of Star Wars Resistance.

Random citizens around the Colossus have gone missing, and Hype Fazon happens to be one of them. When Tam and the gang ask about his whereabouts, the stormtrooper informs her that Hype was given clearance to leave the Colossus. With that permission granted, he up and left.

If you were inclined to believe the First Order, then the story of Hype leaving doesn’t sound so far-fetched. After all, he doesn’t like the First Order. Back in “The High Tower,” Hype made that quite clear and even mentioned how he and Doza had a special arrangement regarding his interactions with the First Order.

Upon hearing the news, Tam and Torra have two different reactions based on their own personal experiences. Torra finds that story to be odd because Hype is her friend and he would have said goodbye. Tam, on the other hand, feels betrayed by Hype due to their shared past as friends. He eventually became an ace pilot and left her behind. To her, this behavior from Hype isn’t all that strange.

Even more interesting is how Tam thanks the trooper for sharing that information. It’s disappointing because Kel and Eila told Tam what the First Order did to their home and their people, but she continues to be grateful to the “order” they’ve brought to the Colossus. Her attitude and perspective about the First Order haven’t changed, and it will no doubt land herself and the others in trouble.

Watch this recent preview of “The Disappeared”:

As for Aunt Z, she is not a happy camper. Her outspoken nature and fiery attitude don’t stop her from sharing her opinions, and she lets the First Order know without any hesitation that she doesn’t like having them around. We can’t help but think she’s made herself into a target, and we definitely won’t be surprised if she disappears next.

We’re also curious how Captain Doza is handling all of this. He’s been pushed into a corner by Commander Pyre and the First Order, so he’s not able to enforce his own authority on the Colossus anymore. That said, he’s probably aware of the disappearances. He just doesn’t have the power to do anything about it.

The only thing he can “control” is where his daughter stays. Unfortunately for him, Torra’s really good at escaping her cage and her father’s overprotective gaze, as we’ve seen in the past. So, it’s not surprising to see Torra up and about at Aunt Z’s tavern, even though things continue to be dangerous on the platform.

Lastly, the clip ends with the stormtrooper attempting to recruit them. It’s an interesting detail, since the First Order is primarily known for taking people and conditioning them to be soldiers. It feels more like an Imperial tactic than anything else. We appreciate little moments like these because it gives us a better idea of how the First Order operates. Here’s hoping we learn more as the series continues.

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