Will Kilgrave appear in Jessica Jones season 3?


A tweet from Jessica Jones showrunner Melissa Rosenberg has fans wondering if and how Kilgrave could return for season 3 of the series.

While fans of Jessica Jones are still reeling after Netflix announced this week it was canceling the series, they luckily have one more season of the show to look forward to. The third season of the show has already been filmed and is set to release on Netflix sometime this year. The exact release date isn’t known, but fans can look forward to seeing more of Jessica Jones before having to say goodbye to the show on Netflix for good.

Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg and star Krysten Ritter have both taken the time to share their appreciation for fans in the wake of the show’s cancellation.

Fans still have many questions about what season 3 will be about, but a Twitter exchange could give some insight.

In response to Rosenberg’s tweet, a fan replied “Goodbye again, Kilgrave :(.” Rosenberg’s reply has fans seriously speculating what season 3 could have in store for this villain.

Kilgrave abused Jessica Jones in her past and is her nemesis in season 1 of the show, as she seeks to take him down and keep him from hurting other people. The series handled the topic of abuse and sexual assault in a nuanced and compelling way that many viewers found groundbreaking. At the end of the first season, Jessica kills Kilgrave, but his memory and the trauma of the past continues to haunt her in season 2.

According to Rosenberg’s reply, Kilgrave might not be gone from the series for good. While the tweet is short and vague, it’s enough to have fans wondering if and how Kilgrave could appear in season three. Not much is known about season 3, but Melissa Rosenberg said in a previous interview with Bustle that the season 2 ending “leaves every door open.”

As of now, all signs point to Kilgrave being in season 3 in some capacity. However, how will he appear? One possibility is that he continues to appear in Jessica’s mind or in flashbacks. The show could easily include more memories or scenes from the past, either Jessica’s or Kilgrave’s or both, and include him in interesting and relevant ways without raising him from the dead.

The other possibility is that Kilgrave isn’t actually dead. While Kilgrave died after Jessica broke his neck at the end of season 1, superhero stories are known for bringing characters back from the dead. While it seems unlikely that he could have survived, the vague comments from Rosenberg leave many possibilities open. Maybe he faked his death somehow — or possibly Jessica is an unreliable narrator. After all, everyone thought all of Jessica’s family was dead in season 1, but her mother turns out to be alive in season 2.

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