Star Wars could also have a Leia series on Disney+


Another of the new Star Wars rumors prompts questions of casting and more, because how would a Leia series even work on Disney+?

The Force is strong with creative teams at Lucasfilm, according to new reports. Not only is there word of the possibility of an Obi-Wan Kenobi series, but a young Leia Organa could also have a series on the service, according to HN Entertainment.

HN also points out that Millie Bobby Brown would be a natural casting choice, given her ability to switch between accents just as Carrie Fisher does in A New Hope and her general resemblance to the late Fisher. Additionally, with Stranger Things not set to last forever, it’s possible she’ll have an opening in her schedule.

However, would she want to commit to another big TV show, especially with her also looking at films? It’s not unlikely, but it doesn’t seem like such a slam-dunk, either.

An alternative would be an animated series, possibly in the vein of Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures or Forces of Destiny. With the revival of The Clone Wars on Disney+, it’s clear that the service is open to multiple forms of media instead of just all live-action, all the time. One could still recruit a Brown or similar to voice Leia and give some star power to the operation, but also perhaps accommodate her schedule.

Leia’s life is also a reasonably fertile ground, considering novels like Leia: Princess of Alderaan have already explored what growing up as a princess was like for our favorite general. However, a straight adaptation of that content doesn’t seem particularly likely; even reintroductions of characters like Grand Admiral Thrawn have changed things around from previous iterations.

A Leia series might also be a good sign for a service that’s announced two male-led series for Star Wars so far. Neither The Mandalorian nor the Cassian Andor series are bad, per se, but there are a lot of women of Star Wars who could headline a series, and it wouldn’t even have to be Leia, specifically. (Zam Wesell or bust! … We’re kidding. Maybe.)

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Wait and see on this one, Star Wars fans. It’s a wild time for the galaxy far, far away.