Obi-Wan Kenobi may get a limited series for Disney+


Help us, rumor mill, you’re our only hope for understanding this latest Star Wars report, which involves Obi-Wan Kenobi and Disney+.

At this point, Obi-Wan Kenobi getting standalone content is practically the Holy Grail of Star Wars rumors: always whispered about, but never actually found. (Well, unless you’re watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.) First, and frequently since, the word has been that Disney and Lucasfilm planned to take the film route, with reports even saying that Belfast was going to be a production hub for the movie. Star Wars News Net, however, has come with a different, and new, report: It’s going to be a “limited series” for what else but Disney+.

All in all, SWNN seems fairly confident in its reporting on this one. In fact, Ewan McGregor even has some recent experience working in limited or shortened series; he played not one, but two roles on Fargo‘s third season in 2017. As SWNN also notes, he’s always been eager to come back to the franchise.

There is one point of doubt that SWNN has, though, and that’s been the same one that’s always plagued Obi-Wan story rumors: what could be interesting about his time on Tatooine? If McGregor is indeed back, that’s really the only time this series could cover. Viewing it from that lens, the “limited” report makes even more sense. If it drags out too much, it could lose an audience’s interest.

We do know that canonically, Obi-Wan did occasionally rescue or interact with a young Luke Skywalker before their fateful on-screen meeting in A New Hope, but Obi-Wan basically sitting on a stake-out for 19 years compressed into six hours or so is also uninteresting.

There is one significant event, though, that might be of interest: the Great Drought on Tatooine. It would involve Jabba the Hutt, a young Luke, Owen Lars, and Obi-Wan getting to do some combat while also being several years after Luke’s birth — thus helping to explain any aging on McGregor’s part. (Deserts also aren’t very good for the skin.)

Additionally, it’s not that long of an event, one that’s only been referred to in a few comics, and could be adapted and expanded. Liam Neeson might even be recruited back as Qui-Gon Jinn’s Force ghost, since that’s also a major part of what Obi-Wan does on Tatooine.

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Stay tuned for more announcements and reports as they come.