New Stranger Things comic to introduce Eleven’s ‘sister’ who can see the future


Stranger Things: Six is the latest Stranger Things comic series from Dark Horse. The series will tell the story of Six, one of Eleven’s lost sisters.

It’s been far too long since fans of Stranger Things have had anything to geek out over (other than season 3 of course, which still seems so far away). But thanks to Dark Horse and its upcoming line of Stranger Things comics, the wait is over.

In an exclusive first look, Entertainment Weekly revealed that the latest Stranger Things comic installment will take an exciting detour. Rather than focusing on Eleven and her Hawkins groupies, the new four-part miniseries will tell the story of another one of Dr. Brenner’s child experiment subjects: Six.

Very little is known about the controversial experiments Dr. Brenner performed on children in the Hawkins National Laboratory. The only child really we know much about is Eleven, and her background is pretty dark.

Dr. Brenner was part of MKUltra, a CIA research program that put its subjects through some pretty horrific treatment in an effort to develop mind control. One of MKUltra’s test subjects, Terry Ives, got pregnant during the program and gave birth to a daughter, Jane, who possesses telekinetic powers. Dr. Brenner kidnapped Jane, renamed her Eleven, and continued experimenting on her even after MKUltra shut down.

It’s actually more accurate to say Brenner “numbered” her Eleven, not named her. And what that means is that there are at least 10 other superpowered children out there who are victims of Brenner’s experiments.

We met one of the others in Stranger Things season 2. Eight (also known as Kali) does not have the same background as Eleven. Rather than being brought up in the lab, she was kidnapped at a young age and taken to Hawkins Lab when she was five. While Eleven has telekinetic abilities, Eight can create illusions.

Similarly, it looks like Six has a story of her own. While there is still much to be revealed, we do know that Six’s name is Francine, and that her power is precognition.

According to EW:

"[Six has] struggled through a lifetime of exploitation, first at the hands of her parents and later by Dr. Martin Brenner and Hawkins Laboratory. Brenner wants to harness her powers, but Francine’s increasingly disturbing visions show her an opportunity to change her life."

Whether or not Six’s storyline will cross with Eleven’s, we don’t know. We also don’t know if she’ll make an appearance in season 3 or stay confined to the comic world. But either way, we’re excited for another Stranger Things story to love.

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Stranger Things: Six will be a four-issue miniseries written by Jody Houser and drawn by Edgar Salazar. Part 1 hits shelves May 29.