Doom Patrol preview: The team tries to redeem themselves


Now that most of the Doom Patrol salutations are out of the way, the DC Universe series can focus on the canon weirdness in the team’s life. This week’s episode delves deeper into the world weird.

Grab your tissues because the second episode of Doom Patrol will take us on a journey through the jaws of insanity, and there are probably going to be some vestibules for turmoil at the expense of favorite dysfunctional family. Underneath all the oddities of the canon characterization, there are a lot of dismal arcs in the Doom Patrol comics, which we can expect to see in the near future of the series.

Seeing as the premiere episode incorporated multiple comic book Easter eggs, some of which were panel-by-panel incarnations, we can anticipate even more speedy comic realness as we learn more about the on-screen team.

Following Doom Patrol‘s successfully ambitious premiere, we can expect the plot to grow even more eccentric. At the end of the first episode, Mr. Nobody upgraded his passive narrator position to an immersive narrative role because sometimes a storyteller needs to give the pawns in his story some motivation. After all, every heroic team needs a villain to prompt them to become heroes. We aren’t sure how Mr. Nobody will toy with our favorite unlikely heroes yet; however, we can expect the second episode to give us some context into the nefarious narrator’s powers.

Banding together to stop their newfound enemy will allow us to discover the team’s budding dynamic, which will probably get messy given that they’re all new heroes. Apart from giving us a look into the team as a unified force, the second episode’s mission theme can also shift the public’s perception of the Doom Patrol.

The first episode ignited each character’s persona as an outcast of society. Whereas, the second episode will work toward changing the public’s outlook on the family of weirdos. We already love the team and all their peculiarities, but seeing how the public changes their opinion of the team is a critical part of their development as a team, and we might see this as early as episode 2.

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Implicitly placing himself as the leader of the team, at least for the time being, Cliff Steele’s decision to term back and help the town signifies the teams desire to redeem themself in the town’s eyes. We already unconditionally love and accept our team of misfits, so we’re still anxious to see the Doom Patrol’s first fight against Mr. Nobody.