Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration will be your new Insta-worthy destination


Have you heard that Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration is coming to the Downtown Disney District at Disneyland Resort?

The perfect Disney Instagram photo is a must have from any Disney vacation. The new Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration coming to the Downtown Disney District at Disneyland Resort will be the perfect way to nab that, thanks to all the exciting activities about to take place. As part of the Mickey 90th birthday celebration, this limited time exhibition will be a hot ticket.

According to Disney Parks Blog, the exhibit will feature a variety of themed rooms, each complemented with the perfect photo-worthy backdrop. One revealed example is a giant Minnie bow-inspired couch. Wonder how many times you will see this backdrop on your social media feed?

The new exhibit is a separate ticketed event outside of the Disneyland theme parks. While an added expense to one’s travel plans, any Disney fan won’t want to miss another picture perfect opportunity.

Since the exhibit is outside the theme parks, it’ll bring a larger audience to the Downtown Disney District. Recently, Disney has found interesting ways to expand this area, from a brewery to new restaurants. For example in Florida, Disney has found great success in Disney Springs. The Florida location brings in both vacation guests and Orlando locals. As a prime shopping and dining destination, the area is bustling. Not only is it a successful business model, but it is also strengthening the Disney fan connection.

At these “free” Disney locations, the Disney connection is just as strong as in a theme park. From Mickey ears to Disney merchandise, the Disney “theme” surrounds the guest. Whether it is a break from a theme park or a night out with friends, these areas show that being a Disney fan is more than just a walk through the turnstiles.

For social media aficionados, the Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration offers plenty of photo-op appeal. The exhibit’s themed rooms will offer plenty of Instagram-worthy moments, and we all know how a picture can sell an experience, brand or fandom better than any other advertisement.

Looking at Disney specifically, more and more people are trying to get that sought after picture perfect moment. From the purple wall at Magic Kingdom to the Bubblegum Wall at Epcot, everyone seems to be searching for that must have photo. Disney even made Minnie ears inspired by the Bubblegum Wall outside Spaceship Earth.

This new pop-up experience looks to capture that social media sharing desire. For many people, the experience doesn’t seem “real” unless it comes with a flurry of likes and comments. Long gone are the days of keeping vacation memories in an old tatter book. Now, the moments are recorded for posterity on social media.

That social media sharing often comes with a fandom connection as well. Fans come in all types. While I might be drawn to Disney because of a special princess memory from my youth, other people are captivated by the imaginative Star Wars world. Still, those two different opinions tie both groups to the wonderful world of Disney.

Given this new pop-up experience, it could show a new trend for Disney. This new experience expands Mickey’s 90th birthday celebration and increases the excitement over the special event. Could that mean that other pop-ups could be coming? Maybe, these pop-up events could come to other cities far away from the theme parks.

While it seems unlikely that pop-up Star Wars events would hit cities across the nation, Disney could use this concept to push other franchises or releases. Maybe people could get to take a picture with a green screen of Dumbo. Or, could people step into a frozen castle surrounded by the cast of Frozen. The options in this scenario are many.

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For now, Disney fans will have to just wait for Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration to open at Downtown Disney District. Will you be buying a ticket?