10 must-have Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears for the quintessential Disney fan


Mickey ears are one of the most iconic Disney apparel items. With so many options available, these 10 Mickey ear designs are essential for any Disney fan.

How many pairs of mouse ears do you have? A quick walk around a Disney theme park is a parade of Mickey fashion. It seems at every turn young, old, boys and girls have a set of mouse ears on their head.

While some Disney fans have a drawer full of the iconic head-wear, many people need to narrow the options down to a manageable amount. As a new set of ears seems to appear every month, it can be difficult to repress the urge to buy yet another pair of ears.

During a recent visit to Walt Disney World, I pursued the various stores to see which set of these iconic ears were in or needed to be added to my ever-growing collection. Some people prefer to match their ears to the theme park, theme park event or even their favorite outfit. Maybe one set of ears represents your favorite color or your favorite character. No matter the reason, there is a set of Mickey ears for you.

In the quest to find the must-have mouse ears for the quintessential Disney fan, this list of 10 head-wear options should narrow down your choices.

Mickey ears in front of Space Ship Earth, photo by Cristine Struble

Classic sparkling Minnie polka dots

While Mickey might be turning 90, Minnie is always youthful and fashionable. And while there are many Minnie inspired ears, a sparkly version is always a great choice. This particular version has red polka dots and an offset bow. It goes with everything. You can find the red and white ears online here, or the black and white sequenced ears here.

Minnie Mouse Rose Gold Sequined Ear Headband. Image via Shopdisney.com.

Rose gold

The rose gold ears were one of the most popular choices from recent years. The uber-popular rose gold color is still popular even beyond its peak. The color has slight pink tinge but still is predominately gold. Put these ears on and feel like a little bit of royalty. You can find these delightfully millennial-pink ears here.

Potion Purple ears at Disney, photo by Cristine Struble

Potion Purple

One of the newest mouse ears available, the bold purple color is rich and vibrant. This color seems to be taking over all the Disney Parks. From clothing to food, purple is the color of the moment. Don’t forget to get a picture in front of the purple wall with your potion purple ears. And if you’re not at Disney, you can find them here.

Star Wars Light-Up Mouse Ears Headband. Image via Shopdisney.com.

Star Wars light-up

While there are some Yoda or R2-D2 ears, the light-up Star Wars ears are more fun. Although these ears are a little heavy to wear, they are definitely fun once the sun sets. The changing colors really stand out in the dark. With Galaxy’s Edge opening later this year, can you really visit this Star Wars area without Star Wars-related ears? You may want to get them now, because the park will be open before you know it.

Bubble gum wall Mickey ears, photo by Cristine Struble

Epcot Bubblegum Wall

One of the most photographed areas of Epcot isn’t just Spaceship Earth. Located outside the ride’s exit, the Bubblegum Wall has probably popped up on your Instagram feed. Now, everyone can have ears that feature that instantly recognizable colors from the Instagram-favorite wall. Don’t be left out of this photo trend. Unfortunately, these ears aren’t online, so you’ll have to visit the park to nab them!

Slinky Dog Headband – Toy Story. Image via shopDisney.com.

Pixar-themed ears

Over the years, Pixar-themed ears seem to be popping up more and more often. From Slinky Dog ears when Toy Story Land opened to more recent Up ears and Buzz Lightyear ears, Pixar characters are getting some additional love. These themed ears show that Disney is more than just Mickey and Minnie. The Pixar characters are becoming as iconic as the mouse.

Rainbow colored Mickey ears, photo by Cristine Struble

Rainbow-colored ears

Sometimes when you can’t decide on a single color, rainbow is the perfect choice. Disney offers rainbow ears with a little sparkle, too. While not necessarily pride ears, these ears can show your support everyone. You can find these colorfully fun ears in the park and the Shop Disney website.

Minnie Mouse Ear Hat – Bride. Image via shopDisney.com.

Bridal ears

Some people dream of having a Disney wedding, or maybe it is a girls’ trip with your bridesmaids planned prior to the big day. The classic bridal ears tell everyone in the Disney park that you are celebrating your special day. While these ears might not replace the classic veil on your wedding day, these bridal ears are just as special to the ultimate Disney fan. If you’re a lucky bride or bride-to-be, you can get your ears here. And grooms, Disney has you covered, too!

Americana Mickey ears, photo by Cristine Struble

Americana ears

On a recent Disney trip, these ears seemed to be everywhere. These red, white and blue denim ears have a classic Americana feel to them. You may want to wear them on the fourth of July, or just any day when you’re feeling quite patriotic. With this look that blends together the classic star and stripes with the wonder of Disney, you’ll likely feel as American as apple pie in these. Luckily, if you want to feel like an all-American person without heading to the park, you can purchase your ears online.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Ear Headband. Image via shopDisney.com.

Birthday ears

Celebrating your birthday at Disney can be a magical experience. Whether it is these special birthday ears or that birthday pin, everyone will be wishing you a magical birthday. The bright and colorful design puts everyone in a festive mood. Plus, you can wear these ears for many birthdays to come. Head over to the Shop Disney website if you want to get these fab ears just in time for your special day.

Mickey ears, photo by Cristine Struble

Ears galore

With Disney constantly adding new designs to the mouse ears wall, there will be always new mouse ears to add to the quintessential Disney fan’s collection. You could wear a pair for a celebratory day, to match your outfit, or just to fit your mood.

One word of advice: if you see a pair of ears and love them, don’t wait to buy them. I missed an opportunity on a pair of German Mickey ears (with pretzels and beer) and those ears have never re-appeared. So if Potion Purple or Bubblegum Wall is your must-have design, purchase those ears on your next visit or buy them online before they disappear.

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How many pairs of mouse ears do you have? What pair do you want to add to your collection?