Star Wars Resistance season 1 episode 17 live stream: Watch online


Poe Dameron and Kaz team up again in “The Core Problem” and travel to the Unknown Regions, where they discover broken planets and lost civilizations.

Last time Kaz and Poe went on a mission together, they discovered the First Order was mining for dedlanite and producing massive amounts of weapons. They barely escaped with their lives after the First Order destroyed the mining facility.

Now, in “The Core Problem,” Poe returns and he brings Kaz along for another mission back into the Unknown Regions. With Poe around, the plan will undoubtedly start to fall apart, since it has happened in the past. Sure, most times it’s out of his control, but in “Station Theta Black,” he put Kaz and himself in danger. We’re curious if he’ll act the same again, all in the name of getting intel.

According to the official synopsis:

"Poe and Kaz make an unsettling discovery and must evade the First Order when they are spotted by an enemy probe droid."

While the probe droid will no doubt lead to lots of action in space, it stands as evidence of how twisted the First Order is and how far it’s willing to keep things a secret. They don’t want anyone to know about what they’ve been doing in the Unknown Regions, so they leave behind these traps that will help silence any witnesses who happen to pass through.

Catch a glimpse of the new episode with this teaser:

During their mission, they discover a graveyard of broken planets. We saw hints of this in the mid-season trailer, and Kaz even discovers a child’s toy in the rubble. It’s such a depressing sight because people clearly thrived on these planets, but the First Order destroyed them without any remorse.

Speaking of which, were these planets testing sites for Starkiller Base? In Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the Empire tested the Death Star on Jedha and used its power on Scarif. Perhaps that’s what the First Order is up to in this area of the Unknown Regions. We also wonder if the lack of sunlight means they’ve also stolen the energy of the system’s star in order to power up the planet-destroying weapon.

Other things that are on our minds: Were some of these civilizations the source of the First Order’s brainwashed and conditioned army? Were there people resisting and fighting back against the First Order, and instead of trying to calm the situation, the First Order eradicated them entirely? Is this where Kel and Eila are from? Were there any survivors that might have escaped?

We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but here’s how you can watch this next episode of Star Wars Resistance:

"Date: Sunday, Feb. 17Start Time: 10 p.m. ETEpisode: “The Core Problem”TV Channel: Disney ChannelLive Stream: Watch on the DisneyNOW website or app."

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