19 most anticipated films by women in 2019

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Unicorn Store (April 2019)

The Plot: A woman named Kit (Brie Larson) is prepped to become a corporate drudge but, upon answering an ad on television, receives the chance of a lifetime when she’s presented the opportunity to have her own unicorn.

When Brie Larson isn’t kicking alien butt as Captain Marvel, winning Academy Awards, or helping women everywhere working with #TimesUp, she’s directing movies! Made in 2017 but finally getting a wide release is Larson’s directorial debut, Unicorn Store.

Reviews on the film have been mixed, with several women critics praising it and male critics finding it boring and too quirky for its own good. For the last several months the film struggled to find a distributor, thus the delay in release time, but Netflix took a chance and audiences will finally get to see it sometime in April.

There’s no denying the story — written by Samantha McIntyre — is unique. Who else doesn’t want to watch a movie where a woman gets to have a unicorn? It’s essentially every woman’s dream, and Larson is going to help us visualize it. Of course, there are some rules before Kit gets her unicorn, and that seems to be where the crux of the plot lies.

The film also stars Samuel L. Jackson as the benefactor giving Kit her unicorn, as well as Joan Cusack and Bradley Whitford. If there’s not an actual unicorn on-screen, Larson and I might have to exchange some words!