19 most anticipated films by women in 2019

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Late Night (TBA)

The Plot: A late night talk show host (Emma Thompson) starts to suspect she’ll be fired from her current gig.

Recently debuting at Sundance, Late Night takes the wild (note the sarcasm) premise that there’s a woman host during the late night hour and turns it into a fun comedy. This is the directorial debut of television director Nisha Ganatra, who’s working with actress and writer Mindy Kaling. Kaling conjured up the idea for the feature, wrote the script, and stars as Molly, one of the writers on the fictional show Thompson’s Katherine is a part of.

The idea of a movie about a woman fearing she’ll lose her job is legit, and yet it’s even more prescient considering how male-dominated the late night hour still remains. And if we were ever going to get a late-night hostess, could we do any better than Emma Thompson?

Thompson is one of the most underrated performers ever and an all-around boss. Seeing her work opposite Kaling should be comedy gold! Amazon spent a record-setting $13 million to obtain the rights — the most ever spent for a Sundance acquisition — so look for this to get full-court press in the next couple of months.