Star Wars Resistance: How will the Colossus prepare for the fight?


In this week’s episode of Star Wars Resistance, Kaz discovers First Order reinforcements are on their way to the Colossus, but how will they prepare for the fight?

Kaz had an eventful undercover mission as a stormtrooper in “The New Trooper.” While he struggled to blend in and fall in line with the rest of the First Order’s foot soldiers, he also managed to steal a data rod and learn a terrifying truth about what’s to come.

Commander Pyre confirmed that a fully armed garrison is on its way to the Colossus. Those who don’t resist will be recognized as First Order sympathizers. Others who make things difficult for the increased occupation will be dealt with in harsh ways. And given the riot that took place in the market, it looks like the residents of the Colossus will experience a heavy dose of trouble.

The sad reality is these people don’t have any means of protecting themselves. They were throwing fruits and vegetables at the stormtroopers. They don’t have weapons to fight back and make a stand for themselves. At least, not that they know of. Many of them probably don’t even realize they’re standing on an old Imperial station.

One Star Wars fan pointed out the similarity between the Colossus and the Skystrike Academy in Star Wars Rebels, and it got us thinking. The elite flight academy was located in the atmosphere of the planet Montross, and it was primarily accessible by starship. The bottom portions of the Colossus are mostly located under the water, but why did it end up there?

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Was it originally meant to be a water-based station? Or did it also float in the sky before it made the ocean its permanent home? Most importantly, does it have any hidden caches of Imperial weapons? It doesn’t look like the lower levels are used, so any number of things could be stored down there. That is… if it wasn’t emptied out already.

Another question to think about: could the station become fully operational again? In the mid-season trailer, we saw the upper portions of the Colossus sink into the water, but what if by some miracle it’s able to take flight again? It wouldn’t be able to withstand the forces headed towards them, but it would be interesting to see an Imperial structure stand up against the First Order.

One thing is for sure, the First Order wants the Colossus as a pit stop to achieving their bigger plans. A fleet as massive as theirs is going to need fuel. The thing is the Colossus isn’t an oil rig. It doesn’t extract oil from beneath the ground.

As we saw in “The High Tower,” the fuel is imported. And that’s probably for the best because if our suspicions are correct, Kaz and the others might sink the Colossus as a way to thwart the First Order’s plans. If they don’t have the means to refuel, they’re unable to move forward.

In a way, it’s like a giant chess game. Certain pieces need to be sacrificed in the hopes of gaining a tactical advantage of some kind someplace else. Maybe the Colossus is the piece that’ll end up falling on the game board?

In that case, will the Captain go down with the ship? How will this affect him, his daughter, and everyone else living on the Colossus? We’ll have to wait and see.

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The next episode of Star Wars Resistance, “The Core Problem,” airs on Sunday, Feb. 17, on Disney Channel at 10 p.m. ET and on DisneyNOW.