Don’t expect superhero cameos in Captain Marvel (not even Tony Stark)


According to a set interview, Captain Marvel won’t feature any other Avengers cameos, giving Carol Danvers her chance to have the spotlight.

One thing the Marvel Cinematic Universe does so well is creating a world where everything is connected. Fans love a good cameo, both in the main film and during MCU’s signature end-credit scenes. Those final scenes alone often reveal new characters or give hints about upcoming movies.

Ahead of the release of Captain Marvel next month, we’ve seen plenty of rumors regarding the potential for notable superhero cameos. (We even picked out a few we’d like to see.) The movie is set in 1995, which is more than 10 years before Tony becomes Iron Man. There’d be plenty of potential to mention or even see heroes who were alive or known the public at this time.

However, according to a set visit interview from Entertainment Tonight, fans shouldn’t expect to see any cameos. That means no Tony Stark, no reference of Captain America, nada.

Producer Jonathan Schwartz tells ET:

"We wanted to let Captain Marvel carve her own space, especially since she’s kind of the first superhero on the scene in the Marvel Cinematic Universe… If there was a way to fit Tony organically in the movie or Stark Industries organically in the movie, I think we’d have been up for it. But she gets to have her own turf."

Fans hoping to see other superhero cameos might feel a little bummed out, but there’s always a chance to have a fun post-credit scene that features other heroes. Black Panther‘s producer Nate Moore said ahead of that film’s release that there was no need for a cameo, and then we were gifted with a Bucky Barnes end-credit scene.

It’s worth noting that films focused on each individual superhero usually don’t have cameos from the other main Avengers. The Iron Man and Thor movies didn’t have any of the other Avengers show up. The notable exception is Captain America: Civil War that heavily featured Iron Man and other heroes. (We’re still a little bitter that Cap never really got his own third standalone movie.)

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Considering this is the MCU’s first film with a female lead, it’s a good call to not have cameos from other superheroes stealing her spotlight. Of course, this doesn’t mean there won’t be any references or Easter eggs for fans to find and enjoy, and there’s still a chance for something interesting to happen once the credits roll.

Overall, we’re glad that Captain Marvel will get her chance to shine — as is her superhero right!