5 ’90s MCU cameos we would love to see in Captain Marvel


With Captain Marvel set in the ‘90s, there’s an opportunity for cameos of some of our favorite characters during that time. Here’s what we’d like to see.

By now, you’re probably aware that Captain Marvel is going to be set in the ‘90s. We are excited to see all of the aesthetics and throwbacks to the decade in the film, and we are already loving the casual outfits from the decade that Carol Danvers is rocking in the trailers.

While none of the other MCU movies have been set completely in the past, we have seen flashbacks at different times. For example, in Iron Man 3, we see flashbacks to New Year’s Eve of 1999, and in Captain America: Civil War, there is a flashback to Dec. 16, 1991. Many of our heroes would have been alive and around during the time Carol returns to Earth, so we would love to see some cameos or references, even if they are quite brief, to some of our other favorite superheroes.

Plus, according to an interview with Fandango, the directors have hinted at a possible Tony Stark cameo, which gives us hope that at least some of these items on our wishlist could appear in the film.

So, here are five MCU cameos we would love to see in Captain Marvel.

Tony Stark before he was Iron Man

Tony was very different before he created his first Iron Man suit and became a superhero. We have seen some flashbacks of him before, and we would love to see another one. He’s always been a genius, but he definitely was not applying himself to good causes at this time, but instead spending a lot of time partying and messing around. We would love to see a brief cameo that shows the stark (that’s a pun) difference between the Tony of the ’90s and the Tony of today.

Black Widow before she started working for SHIELD

In the ’90s, Natasha Romanoff would have been quite young still, most likely a pre-teen to teen depending on the year. This means that we would possibly see some flashback of her training in the Red Room or of her life as an assassin. This would likely be a pretty dark and depressing cameo, but it could give some insight and possibly hint to the future Black Widow movie that is reportedly being made.

Captain America

Poor Cap was still just a Capsicle in the ’90s. In fact, no one would even know he was still around or alive, instead assuming that his body was lost forever. This is pretty depressing to think about, but luckily we know he gets rescued from the ice eventually. As we and so many other fans love Captain America so much, a brief mention of him would be enjoyable and likely get a good response from audiences. Perhaps Coulson could do the work for us here? Maybe he’s already started collecting those trading cards.

Some reference to Asgard

This one probably makes the most sense as far as plot goes given what we know about Captain Marvel. Since alien races like the Kree and the Skrulls will play a big role, it makes sense that Asgard would be referenced at some point, especially given that the Tesseract, which has been in and will eventually make it back to Odin’s vault in the MCU timeline, does feature in the film.

A Wakandan cameo

There is no necessary reason why this would need to be included in Captain Marvel, except that it would be nice to see Wakanda tied in and referenced more in the MCU. There is also a flashback in Black Panther to the year 1992 in Oakland, California, so maybe there could be some sort of tie-in to the scenes with T’Chaka and N’Jobu.

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Of course, the MCU has a lot of characters, so there could be a lot of other possibilities. What cameo or reference would you most like to see in Captain Marvel? Share with us!