21 iconic on-screen kisses to give you all the feelings

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Black Swan – Nina and Lily

It’s funny how most of the female-centric queer kisses on this list aren’t of the romantic variety. It’s likely they were only included for male viewers to drool over, but you know what, this scene from Black Swan was steamy enough to get everyone excited, male or female, straight or not. Get Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman together for a love scene, and you’re bound to get magic!

In Black Swan, Nina (Portman) has been fighting for a starring role in one of her ballet’s productions and this year is her year, until new girl Lily (Kunis) comes in with her carefree California attitude and threatens her chances. Nina is the perfect ballerina, but she’s very uptight, and her director notices.

Lily asks Nina out for a friendly dinner, and then offers her ecstasy to calm her down. Nina obviously turns it down, because she’s a good girl, but she later sees Nina slipping it into her drink anyway and decides to go along with it. They’re rolling, and they spend an intense night dancing at a nightclub letting loose — something Nina never does — before heading back to Nina’s, where her mother is livid that she’s behaving like this. She ignores her mother and rushes Lily to her room, where she barricades the door.

The two start getting hot and heavy — blame it on the ecstasy! — and Nina shows she’s not such an innocent girl after all. But when she wakes up late for dress rehearsal and Lily gone, she thinks that this was all a plan to steal her role. She confronts her rival at rehearsals and realizes… the previous night never happened.