21 iconic on-screen kisses to give you all the feelings

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Pushing Daisies – Ned and Chuck

This kiss is definitely one of the most unique on this list. If you don’t know the show Pushing Daisies, it aired on ABC for two seasons from 2007-2009 before being unceremoniously cancelled. It developed a loyal following thanks to its unique story lines and dreamy, colorful aesthetic. Fans were also hooked on the romance between Ned the Pie Maker and his childhood love Charlotte, or Chuck.

Ned and Chuck both grew up in a village named Coeur d’Coeurs (“Heart of Hearts” in French), and Ned always had a crush on her. As a child, Ned also discovered he had a bit of an usual power: he can bring people back to life with his touch…but if he touches them a second time, they’re dead again for good. The only problem is, if he doesn’t send them back to their eternal slumber, someone else nearby will die in their place.

This power makes Ned very guarded with other people, and also earns him some cash for helping a private investigator named Emerson Cod solve murder cases. But when he hears about a girl who’s died on a cruise ship and realizes it’s Chuck, he breaks all his rules and keeps her alive. But that means they can never touch again — or so they think!

Chuck and Ned have an undeniable chemistry, and they find the perfect way around their little problem. They kiss through plastic wrap, while in body bags, or through gloves. Whatever way they can touch each other, they do it. But it’s obviously very stressful when you’re worried about killing your girlfriend every time you’re near her!