15 essential Funko Pop!s to start a collection, according to your fandom

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Porg Pop! Image: Hot Topic

Star Wars – Porg

The Star Wars fandom is full of never-ending conflicting opinions. Even Simon Pegg can’t make up his mind about the movies these days. Regardless of your stance about Kylo Ren, thoughts on Rey’s lineage, or your unpopular opinion about C-3PO (even if he does deserve more appreciation), there is a universally loved creature in the Star Wars fandom: Porgs. Well, unless you’re Chewie.

Honestly, who could resist this adorable Porg bobblehead? The only downside to this Star Wars momentum is that it isn’t a talking Porg, so you can’t hear any audio recording of the intergalactic island puffin’s gurgles. Or would babbles be a more appropriate term for a Porg’s sounds? Clearly, our elementary education didn’t teach us what sounds fictional space animals make. (Can Rian Johnson please clarify what sounds a Porg makes?)

Porgs might not make any explicitly noteworthy contributions to the rebellion, but they did keep Luke Skywalker company when he went through his self-imposed loner phase. In itself, that’s the tiny creatures’ way of helping the cause, which is why your growing Star Wars mementos should honor them.

While you probably want to collect every Funko from Enfys Nest to the vulptex, the Porg is the perfect start to building your Funko rebellion — even if Porgs might not be the most confrontational beings. There are also plenty of variants: as Hot Topic reveals, there’s one chase with its mouth open.

Price: $5.49