15 essential Funko Pop!s to start a collection, according to your fandom

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So, you’re new to Funko Pop!s, or maybe you’re getting into a new fandom. Regardless, we can help you pick the perfect starter Funko for your collection.

Our introductory biology course taught us how to measure the health of water bodies using a benthic macroinvertebrate index, but it never taught us about the biodiversity of the Funko Pop!s ecosystem. Sure, it probably wouldn’t have been a practical lesson because we know they aren’t living creatures. It still would have helped us start out Funko army nonetheless. Don’t worry: We have an easy guide to starting your Funko Pop!s collection, depending on your fandoms.

Funkos aren’t necessary to appreciate any of your multiple fandoms. Nevertheless, the adorable bobbleheads are a nice addition to our memorabilia beyond all the movies, comics, books, and miscellaneous other trinkets. These miniature iterations of our fav characters might be this generation’s Beanie Babies — just less plushie and more designed for specific fandoms. Once you start collecting Funkos, even if your collection is only one or just a running wishlist on your Amazon account, they become a part of your life.

For those of us who weren’t blessed with Pamela Isley’s green thumb and can’t commit to a pet, Funkos are basically our kids. Just kids that you have to unbox to let them breathe and thrive. That’s right: we unbox our Pop!s. And no, we aren’t ashamed — because we know how to take care of our children.

Like your plant children, doggo babies, and whatever creatures you care for, Funkos are a big responsibility (mostly for your wallet and shelf space). Adopting your first Pop! can be overwhelming, especially since there are hundreds to choose from and the selection is perpetually growing. Before you try to argue with your bank account about how you need the entire MCU lineup in Funko form, we have some suggestions on which Pop! should be your first in your collection, based on your fandom.

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