Gail Simone made Wendy’s and other brands decide between Marvel and DC and we’re forever grateful


Destruction isn’t necessarily bad, and we’re forever grateful that Gail Simone has been bringing brands together, indirectly creating some hot takes about comics, and well… destroying Twitter.

No, comic writer Gail Simone isn’t actively destroying Twitter or taking down the social media company from the within. Well, at least we don’t think that’s apart of her master plan, at least not yet.

After educating everyone about how British people make tea, Simone has moved on to Twitter objectives that are more diabolical than microwaving tea: engaging brands in a comic book debate.

From Cinnabon to Whataburger, Simone has asked various fast food and snack companies whether they prefer Marvel or DC comics. We’re not sure how they managed to answer the difficult question either because we know we aren’t brave enough to actually pick between any of the comic companies (yes, that’s right; we’re taking the Little Debbie approach).

In Simone’s words, she ruined Twitter again, and we’re grateful because we didn’t know we needed to know where Wendy’s stands on the Marvel vs. DC discourse until now.

Given Wendy’s penchant for bluntness on social media, the brand picked Marvel in a one-word response. We’re judging slightly — not whoever was behind Wendy’s social media account on Feb. 6. We’re judging the weird comic book elitists who needed a fast-food company to justify its response.

If you thought that a company with a girl as its logo and Twitter profile picture would get the flack many women comic fans (or geeky women in general) get, then you’d be correct. After all, if you’re a woman in any nerdy fandom, you’re probably been implicitly or explicitly asked to prove your fandom.

It’s always bizarre that any fellow fan would ask you to validate your nerdy obsession or hobby. However, it’s especially bizarre that anyone would treat an expensive fandom like comics as a proving ground or exclusionary environment in any context.

Nevertheless, we’re not sure why anyone would accuse Wendy’s of being a “bandwagon” comic fan, but Wendy’s has time. And, we’re stealing the brand’s excuse to agree with peeved nerds who don’t understand that anyone can like comics whether they’ve read one issue or 2,000.

Saga is on hiatus, and we too have time. Although these replies and questions might seem harmless, even a simple, “Ok Wendy’s what are your favorite runs from Marvel? Any current books you like” is riddled with interrogation.  It’s designed to prove whether someone can legitimately claim they’re a fan.

Frankly, it’s annoying, tired, and uninspired, but most of us non-men in any nerdy fandom have dealt with proving ourselves. Clearly, Wendy’s handles the bait perfectly, which also tells us the brand has some experience with this.

While we love talking about comics, we’d prefer not to answer 20 trivia questions about an oddly specific run or character we’ll only read once. We’d much rather talk about why King Shark deserves a solo series (and a solo movie) or why Clint Barton can’t wear a dang shirt for five consistent panels. We might be simple fans, but we at least ask the right questions.

Seriously though, we don’t know anyone who would read or claim to read something that costs between $3.99 and $8.99 per issue. Wouldn’t someone claim to have a less expensive hobby, like binge-watching Hulu?

In response, MAD Magazine coyly implied Wendy’s might be a Thanos apologist. Or maybe MAD is suggesting that Wendy’s is mourning all of our favorite dusted characters. Either way, it isn’t the weirdest way any of us have coped with the snappening. (Because we can all agree that rewatching our favorite character’s death is a strangely obsessive way to deal with it and to prepare for Avengers: Endgame.)

Beyond hurting DC Comics’ feelings, there have been diverse answers to Simone’s Marvel vs. DC debate. Thankfully, Little Debbie is bringing some level-headedness to the discourse.

Little Debbie just wants peace within the divergent comic fandom. After all, we can just like comics in general, right? From DC to Marvel to Image to Dark Horse to Boom to Valiant Comics and beyond, we can enjoy every comic company because we route for the comic industry as a whole. (After all, our geekdom can conquer a lot more when we love and support more than just one comic brand.)

Of course, there’s also Hostess Snacks, which also can’t decide. Even if Hulk favors the brand’s fruit pies (we don’t blame him either). Although Hostess Snacks and Little Debbie can’t pick their favorite comic company, Gail Simone’s tweets have sparked a chaotic Twitter landscape. Nerds are taking sides with their similarly-aligned food brands. It’s an unexpectedly chaotic dietary war, but not all chaos is bad (and none of it is if you ask the God of Mischief).

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Twitter has been destroyed thanks to Gail Simone. RIP Twitter and peaceful late-night fast food runs. Just don’t think the great comic book Twitter debate of 2019 distracts us from the really important thing: getting ready for all the latest releases, wherever they may come from.