Cardi B sharing her Grammy with Mac Miller is the most heartwarming thing


Cardi B rocked the stage at the 61st Annual Grammys and won the award for Best Rap Album, but her sharing it with Mac Miller was the icing on the cake.

Our favorite Bronx babe, Cardi B won the award for the Best Rap Album for her work, Invasion of Privacy, at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards last night. No surprise here! What did surprise fans was that Cardi B announced that she was sharing the award with fellow rapper, Mac Miller, who passed away this past September.

Mac Miller was also nominated, for the first time in his career, in the same category for his fifth and final album, Swimming. Some celebrities, including his ex, Ariana Grande, were not particularly pleased at the Academy’s choice to not commemorate his life and music by awarding him Best Rap Album. As BuzzFeed reports, his family, including his parents, were invited, and reports have it that his mother at the very least attended the ceremony.

Grande did delete the tweets, however, once things had been cleared up, and People reports that she also commented on the below video.

After Cardi B won her much-deserved Grammy, she decided to share the award with the gone-too-soon rapper. A backstage video that she posted to her Instagram last night revealed why she chose to commemorate him to her nearly 41 million followers. If you do watch, be warned for some NSFW language. (Hey, if you’d won a Grammy, you’d probably be just as excited.)

If you’d rather not watch, Cardi gained motivation to dedicate her award to Miller when she discovered that his family wanted her to win if Mac’s album did not, according to a report by US Weekly — one that she shared a screenshot of on her Instagram as well.

Although Miller cannot fully enjoy his shared award, we hope that the tribute that’s dripping with love and respect for this much-loved artist will help the family heal.

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Though there was major controversy in miscommunicated Twitter drama, it seems that Cardi B is using her energy only for good.