The Walking Dead season 9 preview: Get ready for Alpha


The Walking Dead will finally return from its midseason break. We’re anxious, we’re afraid, but still excited to see to see Alexandria, Hilltop, and Oceanside again.

Walkers, Whisperers, and a lot of worries sums of the rest of The Walking Dead season 9, which resumes this Sunday. Before the series left us for a brief midseason break, we got our first, albeit very brief, live-action look at the Whisperers.

We won’t say much about the Whisperers until everyone sees them in their macabre glory, but if you’re up to date with The Walking Dead comic lore, you already know about these jerks. Based on the trailer for the midseason premiere, The Whisperers will be the prime focus of The Walking Dead season 9’s return episode, “Adaptation.”

Okay, the sneak peek into the midseason premiere doesn’t really give us any context into the rest of season 9 because the show already knows how we feel about spoilers. What the teaser does do is give us a preview that Alpha and Beta’s on-screen debut isn’t too far behind.

As the leader of the anarchist society that has a biased grudge against civilization in general, Alpha isn’t merciful. It explains a lot about The Whisperers cruel philosophy, which you’ll have to wait to see. She makes Negan seem like a pacifist (seriously, just ask her daughter).

The Walking Dead

#138. Photo Credit: Image Comics via Skybound Entertainment.

If you want any potential spoilers before the midseason premiere on Sunday, we suggest you start reading The Walking Dead comics. The Whisperers start to rise to antagonistic power at around issue #130, just in case you want to skip ahead to this horde of villains with very questionable survival techniques.

Now that The Walking Dead has been renewed for season 10, we’re ready for a slowly decaying Whisperers War narrative. Or really any extensive battle or recurring rivalry. As ABC News reports, Danai Gurira (Michonne) has ominously mentioned a terrifying new villain, and Gurira has never led us astray. So, we’re ready to see a dynamic arc of emotional and physical battles throughout the rest of this season and into season 10.

After all, now that the Saviors are phantoms of the past, the survivors of Alexandria (and others), will need a new villain. Well, they mostly need some rest and an unfashionably late zombie cure wouldn’t hurt either. Nonetheless, The Walking Dead needs a new big bad entity to fill the Saviors’ void.

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While we mentally prepare for the Whisperers fully fleshed out introduction into the series, we can expect to see a lot of changes in The Walking Dead fandom. Needless to say, our Sunday nights are going to get a little more chaotic.

The Walking Dead premieres with “Adaption” on February 10 at 9/8 CT, only on AMC.