Walmart’s DC exclusive comics: Your must-have reading guide

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Swamp Thing Giant #1, cover – Walmart exclusive comic. Photo Credit: DC Comics.

Swamp Thing 100-Page Giant

During a Halloween special, Walmart released a horror-themed Swamp Thing Halloween Horror Giant comic. However, it was only a solo issue, until Walmart expanded its current runs to include one of our favorite green scientists, Swamp Thing.

Sure, Swamp Thing also plays a vital role in the Justice League; however, his Giant comics will focus more on his notable transformation, how he deals with his new powers, and his fight against other, more nefarious elemental creatures.

As the first issue focuses on Swamp Thing’s fight against an opposing elemental being (we’d name drop, but we don’t want to spoil it for you), the second and third issues will focus more on the classic horror and macabre undertones. After all, you can’t really separate Swamp Thing from horror or supernatural themes.

Since DC Universe is developing a Swamp Thing series that’ll make The Green proud, the Walmart exclusive Swamp Thing Giant comic can be a perfect primer for the upcoming live-action series.

Price: $4.99

Walmart obviously carries other comics beyond its exclusive selection. According to The Beat, the brand also sells an exclusive comic mini-pack that include three title-specific issues, including a three-pack of Marvel’s X-Men Blue.

There are various three-issue bundles at various Walmart locations. While they aren’t packed with as many stories or collective comic panels at the Giant comics issue, these reprints are approximately $5. Since you can find various X-Men related three-pack issues, we’re just waiting for Walmart to expand its partnership with Marvel Comics, so we can read some gargantuan-sized titles from that universe as well.

While these are only sold at Walmart, that doesn’t mean your local store has them in stock at the moment, or at least not the issue you want. Thankfully, you can check your Walmart’s comic crop before you make a trip to the store.

Do you have any heroes, anti-heroes, or villains you hope to see in a Walmart exclusive comic series? Let us know in the comments below!

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