Walmart’s DC exclusive comics: Your must-have reading guide

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Wonder Woman Giant #1, cover – Walmart exclusive comic. Photo Credit: DC Comics.

Wonder Woman 100-Page Giant

While Walmart will be canceling the Justice League of America Giant comics to make room for certain JLA members comics, that doesn’t mean you won’t see your favorite JLA characters on the shelf this month (or next month for that matter). Although DC Comics is canceling the JLA Giant, The Flash Giant and Wonder Woman Giant will fill its place. Obviously, the Superman Giant and Batman Giant series will continue.

We’re still waiting for DC Comics to announce a Walmart exclusive Aquaman series (because seriously, we want to see more of Arthur, Mera, and Orm, especially after the movie). However, Walmart will be integrating more JLA-related comics this month.

Since the theme of each comic is to help introduce new characters and their extended character development, Wonder Woman’s first issue will continue her narrative with the JLA, with a Who Is Wonder Woman? comic, along with new stories about Diana.

Honestly, we just can’t wait to revisit Diana’s Themyscira lore as she fights gods, monsters, and sharks. Granted, most of the Wonder Woman vs. sharks battles are consolidated in Wonder Woman/Conan #2, and we probably won’t see that team up in her Giant comic run any time soon. Nevertheless, we can hope.

Then, there’s the new The Flash Giant comic. Complete with Barry Allen’s relationship with the Speed Force and his position in the JLA, The Flash Giant #1 also includes a new 12-part story that focuses on his heroism in Central City.

Price: $4.99