Walmart’s DC exclusive comics: Your must-have reading guide

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Justice League of America Giant #1, cover – Walmart exclusive comic. Photo Credit: DC Comics.

Justice League of America 100-Page Giant

The first issue of the Justice League of America Giant gives you a brief look at the team’s dynamics. However, it also acts as an introduction to Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg (as well as a few other heroes).

Each new issue includes new stories and preexisting comic runs that develop the dichotomy of the team. Featuring common enemies and how each member battles their personal archenemies, the JLA Giant serves as a starting point for any JLA fan.

After all, the team houses a plethora of intergalactic and intermittent members, so it’s nearly impossible to refrain from brushing up on your JLA mythos beyond every 100-paged issue. In fact, the JLA Giant comic basically encourages you to expand your JLA fandom however you want.

Justice League of America Giant #1 clearly foreshadowed Wonder Woman’s Walmart exclusive run. After all, the first Justice League Giant issue included an original Wonder Woman story about her continual battle against the God of War, Ares.

Even in the second issue, the JLA Giant features a Mother’s Day special narrative about Diana Prince returning to Paradise Island for the first time since she was exiled. Given that chaos follows any and every hero, her family visit doesn’t go as planned.

Price: $4.99