Walmart’s DC exclusive comics: Your must-have reading guide

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Batman Giant #1, cover – Walmart exclusive comic. Photo Credit: DC Comics.

Batman 100-Page Giant

Like every Giant comic run, the Batman Giant issues include various introductory comics to help new Batman fans get to know Bruce Wayne and his family. Each issue includes various samplings of Batman’s many different DC Comics runs. Given the Bat has had an extended history both in comic panels and on-screen, adding the Batman Giant comics to your grocery list is a creative way to organize all of Batman’s milestones throughout comic history.

Batman Giant #1 alone includes the beginning of the famous Hush arc with Batman #608 (2002). While there are seemingly countless critical Batman-related runs, Batman: Hush allows the Bruce to revisit his past, including old enemies and some internal qualms. Seriously, can he even take a vacation?

Because Batman’s rise to heroism isn’t solely defined by his crimefighting gadgets or his cape, the Batman Giant run also includes various issues that focus on the BatFam. In the first issue, fans can read a Nightwing #1 (2011), which focuses on Dick Grayson’s New 52 run at his Nightwing alias.

The Batman Giant run also includes some comics that focus on his various archenemies, from the Joker, the Riddler, and the reformed villain, Harley Quinn. Obviously, each Batman Giant issue includes new issues and short stories; however, the Walmart exclusive run acts as an abridged guide to Batman and reminds us of all the reasons we love the character.

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