Walmart’s DC exclusive comics: Your must-have reading guide

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Superman Giant #1, cover – Walmart exclusive comic. Photo Credit: DC Comics.

Superman 100-Page Giant

If you haven’t already planned your next trip to Walmart after seeing Jim Lee’s crisp hatching on the Superman cover, then we’ll just have to amp up our self-imposed pitch. (That’s right: We’re not sponsored. We’re just unabashed comic shills.)

The Walmart exclusive Giant comics give you 100 pages of comic material. While the Clark Kent specific comic includes a sample of various Superman-related comics, it also includes a chapter featurette from the two-part “Endurance” narrative, where Clark Kent briefly moonlights as a storm chaser. This is a spoiler-free zone, but Clark works at Daily Planet and manages to budget in some time to attempt to fend off a tornado.

Beyond the “Endurance” chapter, the first Superman Giant also includes The Terrifics #1 (2018), Green Lantern #1 (2005), and Superman/Batman #1 (2003). As the first Superman Giant comic includes a sampling of various Kryptonian-themed comics, the proceeding Giant issues include other relevant stories.

Specifically, Superman Giant #3 includes a 12-part story where Superman goes on an intergalactic quest to find and stop a kidnapper. Honestly, we couldn’t pick a better arc to include because “Up in the Sky” weaves Superman’s canon superpowered prowess and his humanitarianism. After all, Clark just wants to help people regardless of whether he’s wearing his super suit or his glasses.

Price: $4.99