Project Runway All Stars Season 7 episode 6 live stream: Watch online


Project Runway All Stars Season 7 episode 6 puts the designers in the fast lane. Which look will stop traffic on the red carpet?

On this week’s Project Runway All Stars season 7, the designers need to rev up the fashion-forward looks. With a diverse judging panel, this week’s inspiration might need some blinders. Are these designers up for the challenge?

According to Lifetime, this week’s episode, “Pedal to the Medal,” synopsis states, “guests Wendy Williams, Danica Patrick and Lily Aldridge join the judges for red-carpet fashion using metallic fabrics and unique textures.”

Looking at this particular synopsis the red-carpet fashion looks could go so incredibly wrong. Metallic fabric isn’t forgiving. No one wants to look like a giant disco ball.

While metallic has been a trending color, the designers need a deft hand to make this look fashion forward. During this award season, many celebrities have worn amazing metallic designs that are simply stunning.

The other part of the synopsis is quite confusing. Will the designers have to create a look that features both metallics and textures? If this challenge features a combination of those two elements, the runway might be a fashion pile-up of disasters.

Usually metallic isn’t combined with another element. It can be distracting to the eye. No one wants metallic fringe (please Sean, no more fringe) or cut out elements (let’s stop the workroom cattiness). Hopefully, the designers have an either or scenario, not a both.

Thinking about the elements of this challenge, texture should give Anya and even Anthony Ryan an edge. Those two designers excel in mixed media and prints. If they handle these elements in a similar way, it could make for a beautiful design.

As for the bottom designers, Django could make something quite compelling for the runway. So far, he designs to his own whim. Wonder what controversial, yet intriguing look will walk the runway this week.

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