15 best rom-coms on Netflix right now

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Nappily Ever After

I did not know what to expect going into this movie. While I knew what the premise of the film was based on the trailer that Netflix showed me, I still did not have a clue what I would end up watching. The idea of one’s hair being such a central focus of their happiness and love life did not seem like it would make for a solid movie, and yet somehow it truly works.

It turns out that Nappily Ever After is far more than just the typical rom-com. In fact, I would have to say this movie is truly symbolic of female empowerment, but in a way that comes from within. That alone made it so much more enjoyable than I was expecting.

I enjoyed seeing Sanaa Lathan taking the starring role in a movie like this because I have loved her since she starred in Love and Basketball. Seeing her go from a perfectionist business woman to someone who better understands herself and what she needs all thanks to an accident at the hair salon is a stunning transformation that we were completely sucked into.

There is romance, there is humor, and above all else, there is an actual story that will make you want to rewatch this movie over and over again. That is exactly what I did; I rewatched it quite a few times. Every time gave me the same sense of empowerment that the first time did, as Lathan’s character found an inner strength that allowed her to realize that there is no need to be perfect — because happiness isn’t about perfection.