Harley Quinn’s tattoo change reveals she’s SO over the Joker


New leaked set photos from Birds of Prey preview significant tattoo changes for our girl Harley Quinn.

Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) only started filming four weeks ago, and the DCEU film has already given us a teaser video of the Birds of Prey team plus the main antagonists.

As if we could be more hyped for the film adaptation of one of Gotham’s best team of women heroes, now we have several photos from the production to gaze upon. Beyond Harley Quinn’s new look, she also got some additional tattoos (sort of).

Just Jared shared a slew of Birds of Prey set pics and something, in particular, has caught many a fan’s eye.

No, Harley didn’t exactly get any new ink. However, she did cross out some tattoos that reference the Joker, or “Puddin” in this case.

And, we get it. Don’t ask us how we know, but laser tattoo removal is expensive and more painful then covering them up in the most Harley Quinn way possible.

On her notorious “Harley + Puddin” tattoo, she slashed right through “Puddin.” She creatively morphed another “Puddin” tattoo into “Pudding cups.” After all, who doesn’t love pudding cups?

Everyone goes through a post-breakup glo-up, and we’re glad that Harley Quinn is no exception. Based on her colorful new wardrobe, and her therapeutic adjustments to her tattoos, it’s clear that the emancipation of Harley Quinn doesn’t just refer to her escape from prison or her freedom from her solely villainous lifestyle.

The overripe avocado of a clown (i.e. the Joker) is canonically emotionally and physically abusive to Harley, and seeing her cross out any ink related to her jerk of an ex shows that she’s over him, and also over being used.

Powerful message aside, there is one tattoo Harley hasn’t marked off yet: her “p + h” tattoo that’s enclosed in a heart with an arrow shooting through.

Although she could be going through a post-breakup self-discovery journey where she gradually crosses off the tattoos that remind her of her abusive relationship, the “p” in her romantic-themed tattoo could be Pamela Isley. You know: DC Comics’ renown scientists and most notorious eco-terrorist turned antihero, Poison Ivy.

Harley could still go on a quest to independence that hopefully leads to some revenge against the Joker (because Harley’s rightfully petty, and so are we). However, she might have left the “p + h” tattoo untouched from Suicide Squad because she met her soulmate, Pam, which would give the “p” in her tattoo a new and much more healthy meaning.

Obviously, Poison Ivy is critical to the Birds of Prey comics. Plus, she’s an important part of Harley’s support group — especially since they’re canonically girlfriends who love and support each other with everything. Seriously, they’re adorable and make us believe in healthy unconditional love.

Although Poison Ivy might not visibly appear in the upcoming Birds of Prey film, Harley Quinn’s lingering “p + h” tattoo could signify that Pam exists in the DCEU, and we could see The Green and everything that comes with it soon. (Hopefully, along with her and Harley’s iconic relationship.)

Since the film is only four weeks into filming, we’ll probably have more Birds of Prey theories to come. We’re just happy to see Harley Quinn happy and care-free, even if we’re still wondering what she’s smiling at in that aluminum foil.

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