Game of Thrones fans think HBO showed season 8 at the Super Bowl


Never mind the destruction of the Bud Knight; Game of Thrones may have had just a glimpse of season 8 in its Super Bowl commercial with Bud Light.

This year’s Super Bowl Sunday may have marked the end of Bud Light’s “Dilly Dilly” campaign, after what feels like eons of it being inescapable. It may, in fact, be the most unambiguously good thing the Mountain has ever done, assuming you think that this is Game of Thrones canon.

(It’s probably not canon.)

However, some eagle-eyed fans over on r/freefolk have an actually-canon idea based on the shots of Drogon torching things before flying off amid smoke and flame: that some (or all) of it is actually from season 8.

Check the ad out below, and be warned that we’re going to talk about some spoilers for season 8 below the clip:

There are two locations that we’re fairly confident in saying will burn in season 8, based on filming spoilers. As the original poster on Reddit notes, it’s possible that this is Winterfell; there’s video evidence of that, and the use of Drogon in front of the devastation would help conceal the location. It’s believed, after all, that the Night King burns the Starks’ stronghold down.

On the other hand, this could be an incredibly brazen, flat-out spoiler that will only make sense later, because another Redditor proposed that this is from the burning of King’s Landing. As with Winterfell, there’s a lot of evidence that this is happening, including photos and video alike. Unlike with Winterfell, we don’t know who burns it, and there are competing theories about it being Daenerys with Drogon or the Night King once again.

Of course, there’s no way to confirm or deny any of this. But the fact that Game of Thrones would bother to step into the madness that is Super Bowl advertising in the year when it may be more hyped than ever before lends something like credibility to these theories — even as the showrunners want to be extremely secretive.

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You have our attention, HBO. We’re ready for all the dragons you can give us. However, we’ll have to wait until April 14 — and probably beyond, if we’re being honest — to see if the theories are true or not.