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Arrow experiments with form and brings a guest on board for a special 150th episode. Check out below for information on how to watch “Emerald Archer.”

Since Oliver was released from prison, Arrow seems to have found a groove.

Last week’s episode directed by David Ramsey, aka John Diggle, revisited the issue of the man Robert Queen killed on the life raft to save his son. Understandably, the man’s son was upset to learn that his father had not, in fact, drowned with the Queen’s Gambit. Less understandably, Sam Hackett sought revenge by taking a reporter and then members of the SCPD hostage. It was a somewhat ridiculous plotline made compelling by Oliver’s sincere attempts to reckon with the consequences of his actions.

In other words, it was the sort of character development we were hoping to get last season. Late is better than never, though. And if nothing else, “Past Sins” allowed Ramsey to show off some skill as a director. The fight scene between Curtis and the Ghost Initiative was a sight to behold.

For its 150th episode, titled “Emerald Archer,” Arrow looks to continue its fun streak. I had long hoped that, with so many seasons under its belt, the show would get more adventurous with its format, and it seems like that hope will bear fruit this week. You can read a synopsis of tonight’s episode below, courtesy of The CW:

"ARROW FILMS THEIR 150TH EPISODE AS A DOCUMENTARY ENTITLED “THE HOOD AND THE RISE OF VIGILANTES” NARRATED BY KELSEY GRAMMER — The 150th episode of “Arrow” showcases a documentary entitled “The Hood and the rise of vigilantism” starring Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards), and the rest of Team Arrow. As a camera crew follows Oliver and team around to talk about their past as vigilantes and what the Green Arrow means to Star City, Oliver must also deal with William’s (guest star Jack Moore) return from boarding school as well as a new threat to the city. The episode will feature “documentary footage” captured by the BTS crew and interviews from those who have worked alongside the Green Arrow."

Between the meta approach and Kelsey Grammer (!) doing a voiceover, the episode promises to reach Legends of Tomorrow levels of wackiness. For a show whose brand can be aptly summed up with the cliché “dark and gritty”, an Office-style faux documentary constitutes a major risk. It could either be an awkward, self-indulgent mess or a brilliant change of scenery.

Given its experimental nature, “Emerald Archer” will likely have minimal bearing on the overall season. Expect a brief return to the procedural structure of season 1. But William’s return should provide plenty of conflict. Oliver’s son has been absent since the midseason hiatus, both from the main story and from the flash-forwards, and he has been missed.

Arrowverse regular Glen Winter directs from a script by Marc Guggenheim and Emilio Ortega Aldrich.

"Date: Monday, Feb. 4Start time: 8 p.m. ESTEpisode: “Emerald Archer”TV Channel: The CWLive Stream: Watch live on Fubo TV. Sign up now for a free seven-day trial. You can also watch on The CW website or app."

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Arrow airs Mondays on The CW.