Super Bowl LIII: 10 celebrity fans rooting for the Los Angeles Rams


Football fans come from all walks of life, and celebrities are no different from us when it comes to rooting for their favorite teams, like the Los Angeles Rams.

Super Bowl LIII is upon us and that means if your team didn’t make it you have to decide between the Los Angeles Rams or the New England Patriots. For some celebrities, the decision is clear since their team made the big game and are ready to bring home the title.

If you are a fan of the Rams, you likely already know all of the celebrities that follow your favorite team, but if you don’t know them yet, we rounded up 10 celebrities who have been fans of the team for years. And that means that they are going to be cheering their team on with the rest of us as they go up against the Patriots during Super Bowl LIII.

Bryan Cranston

During an interview with Good Morning Football, Cranston shared his long-standing love of the Los Angeles Rams. And while he has been a supportive follower for years, there was a time when he felt betrayed when they ditched L.A. for a few years. However, when they came back he admitted, “I was a little standoffish at first, but they won me back.” And now he is all in for the win, as he roots for his team to come out triumphant against the Patriots.

Kendrick Lamar

Another celebrity who isn’t shouting his love of the Rams across social media is Kendrick Lamar. Much like Cranston, his social media feeds are rather football free. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t a fan. In fact, the rapper made it onto the teams Twitter back in 2016 after he took part in a training camp practice and even hung out with the players. We think that’s pretty legit when it comes to being a fan of any team.

Ty Burrell

In a video for the NFL, Ty Burrell of Modern Family shared the reason he was a Rams fan, even though he is from Oregon. He even admits that he has been a fan since before he was born. And the proof of his longtime love of the team is clear when you think about the fact that he attended the team’s first game back in L.A. in 2016, even though it was the night of the Emmy’s. So, halfway through the game, he had to leave in order to race over to the awards show.

Terry Crews

Terry Crews is a former NFL player turned actor, with an extensive career that we are in awe of. And if you look at his career in the NFL and consider the fact that he was drafted by the L.A. Rams we aren’t surprised that he is a fan of the team. Crews may have played for different teams throughout the league, but seeing him in the stands cheering the Rams on is definitely a sure sign that he stands behind the team that drafted him originally.

Taran Killam

If ever there was a diehard fan of the Rams, it would have to be Saturday Night Live‘s Taran Killam. The actor/comedian’s Instagram is a virtual shrine to his love of the team, with plenty of pictures and videos of him rocking jerseys and caps and him watching their games. He even went to the Probowl wearing a Rams jersey in order to show support for the team.

Magic Johnson

Even Magic Johnson is a fan of the Rams, as he took to Twitter right after the team secured their place in the Super Bowl to share his pride in the team. And while you may not think that is enough to prove his fandom, let’s not forget that the Rams shared the news that the former basketball player was the first person to put down money for tickets when they returned to Los Angeles in 2016. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo is another lifelong Rams fan, who has spoken in the past about his love for the team. But, what I think proves his team spirit above all else is the fact that he admits in a video on Instagram that he will go wherever the team is, and that includes bringing his taco truck, Trejos Tacos, to Super Bowl in Atlanta for a tailgate party.

Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla is another longtime fan of the team as a native of Los Angeles. (We bet he felt a bit like Bryan Cranston did when they left L.A. for a few years.) And when they clinched their spot in the Super Bowl, the comedian was quick to jump on Instagram and post his excitement.

Robert Patrick

Guess who else is rooting against the New England Patriots at this year’s Super Bowl? Robert Patrick, who you may recognize from movies like Terminator 2: Judgment Day and The Marine. On Twitter, the actor quoted a Rams tweet in order to cheer on his team as they get ready to take on the Patriots. Definitely winning at being a fan.

Holly Robinson Peete

Considering that Holly Robinson Peete’s brother-in-law is Skip Peete, the running back coach of the Rams, this is one fan we are definitely not surprised by. And on Twitter, the actress had no problem sharing a celebratory video that made it clear that she is 100 percent behind the team as they take on the Patriots.

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When it comes to celebrities cheering on their favorite teams, we have to admit they are a lot like us. And with these famous faces showing their support for the L.A. Rams, we can’t wait to see how they react on the big day as the team takes on the New England Patriots at Super Bowl LIII.