15 literary tattoos that will inspire book lovers to get more ink

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Symbols from John Green books

John Green has written quite a few young adult contemporary stories to date, and many of them have become popular enough to be adapted into films. Green’s stories tend to feature quirky and relatable teens struggling to accept themselves or their circumstances—and let’s be honest, most readers can relate to that regardless of age.

This tattoo demonstrates an appreciation for all of Green’s well-known stories by combining symbols that represent three of his most popular novels. The top image of a flower is from the Looking for Alaska cover, while the pin in the middle represents the map from Paper Towns. The two clouds are from the cover of The Fault in Our Stars.

A line of these symbols makes a perfect tattoo for readers who have been impacted by Green’s words but want something more subtle than a quote. This tattoo also allows fans to combine their love of each book, instead of having to choose just one to focus on—though getting just one of these symbols tattooed is always an option as well.

Readers interested in getting something similar to this piece can also consider adding a turtle to the mix, a symbol that would call some attention to Green’s most recent release, Turtles All the Way Down. Of course, it might get difficult to stop adding to this design as Green releases more books, but hey, who doesn’t want a little more ink now and then?