15 literary tattoos that will inspire book lovers to get more ink

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Parabatai runes from The Shadowhunter Chronicles

Book lovers looking to get matching ink with a friend can consider having the Parabatai rune from Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter novels tattooed to them. Throughout Clare’s books, the Parabatai bond is a special one reserved for the closest friends. We see that bond grow through characters like Alec and Jace, Clary and Simon, and Will and Jem.

Of course, Clare’s most recent series, The Dark Artifices, also focuses on the repurcussions of falling in love with your Parabatai. Though it’s generally considered a bad thing in the books, couples can certainly play off of Julian and Emma’s relationship and get Parabatai runes.

The runes themselves are fairly straightforward when it comes to the design, and they can be added anywhere—though the most common spot for Shadowhunter runes is on the arm, as depicted above. We’ve also seen Parabatai runes placed above the heart, a meaningful location for a bond with someone you care for.

Shadowhunter fans who aren’t looking to get a two-person tattoo can also consider having another rune tattooed to them. There are so many to choose from, and many of them symbolize useful qualities that most of us would love to emanate. The Strength and Fearless runes are two popular ones when it comes to tattoos, serving as a reminder to embody those qualities—but also as a reminder of the Shadowhunter world fans have come to love.