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How to Get Away with Murder is going to encourage one of its characters to “Be the Martyr” this week, but which one? This is what you need to know.

How to Get Away with Murder is now basically in its home stretch, with the last episode of season 5 scheduled to air in the last week of February. Since it’s already the last week of January, we’ve got about a month left before everything comes to a close.

Frankly, the title of this week’s episode, “Be the Martyr,” might give some people pause. Taking falls for someone else usually doesn’t end well for anyone on this show. It might be Annalise giving Emmett advice for his ongoing issues with the firm, although that’s a level of gross we don’t think the show would stoop to. (Probably. We don’t want to put Annalise in a corner.)

Here’s ABC’s synopsis for this week:

"Nate is on a mission to prove he was right about the culprit in his father’s murder, while Bonnie begins to doubt herself; and Annalise turns the tables in the courtroom."

The last half of this synopsis could probably summarize at least half of the episodes of How to Get Away with Murder, full stop, so we’re going to mostly ignore it. It’s the first half here that’s really interesting. As far as we and the characters currently know, DA Miller didn’t actually have Nate’s dad killed, but Miller and Nate Sr. are still both dead.

It’s possible that Bonnie spits the title line of the episode at Nate during a fight between the two of them about what to do, since he seems committed to digging as deeply as he can into this to the point of putting himself in danger in pursuit of some form of justice. That alone could get him killed, if Nate Sr.’s death is any indication. That’s our guess, at least right now, for what’s going to go on at least with regards to the title.

"Date: Thursday, Jan. 31Start time: 10 p.m. ETTV channel: ABCEpisode: “Be the Martyr”Live Stream: You can watch on ABC’s website or app."

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How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays on ABC.