18 Marvel character team-ups we’d love to see in the MCU

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Hawkeye #17. Photo Credit: Marvel Comics.

Deadpool and Clint Barton

We get it: Most people want to see a Deadpool and Spider-Man team-up in the MCU. After all, we’re obsessed with their pseudo-enemies-to-friends character development in their multiple comic book appearances with one another.

While we’d also like to see Wade Wilson antagonize Spider-Man while they fight bad guys, we want to see Deadpool and Clint ally their detective and fighting skills together to take down a crime syndicate or two.

Seeing Clint’s comic book reactions to what we can only describe as Deadpool’s shock value personality (with several dollops of escapist humor) come to life on the big or small screen would be enough of a reason for a Deadpool and Hawkeye team-up.

While Clint’s on-screen iteration ignores the fact that his comic counterpart is deaf (even if his disability was initially retconned once the formerly-dead Clint was brought back to life), Wade and Clint’s unexpected friendship leans to an important message about accessibility and abled people, accommodating disabled people.

Wade uses the abridged sign language he knows to talk to Clint during and outside of battle, and he raised his mask above his mouth so Clint can read his lips (regardless the words and phrases Wade doesn’t know how to translate to sign language). If Hawkeye were ever recast as a deaf actor, Clint and Wade’s on-screen team-up would show positive representation beyond just their quirky friendship and combat skills.