18 Marvel character team-ups we’d love to see in the MCU

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Captain America: Sam Wilson #10. Photo Credit: Marvel Comics.

Rhodey and Sam Wilson

Avengers: Infinity War already gave us a preview into James Rhodes and Sam Wilson’s friendship and overall heroic dynamics. We didn’t get much visible screentime of their budding friendship and teamwork, but the setup for a Warmachine and Falcon team-up is already embedded in Infinity War.

The fact that Rhodey was explicitly looking for Sam in the fallout of Thanos’ snap shows they bonded sometime between the last catastrophic events. It makes sense because Rhodey has played an inspirational role in Sam’s life even in the comics. From the time Falcon became Falcon, Rhodes was a critical part of his support system. Even in death, Sam admired Rhodey.

While we definitely don’t want to see Rhodey befall the same fate in Civil War II (or any adverse fate, really), we do want to see a visible team-up between the two airborne heroes.

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We could continue our MCU team-ups wishlist indefinitely. However, after tireless deliberation, multiple comic re-reading sessions, and tough calls, we’re confident that every team-up in this lineup would be a great contribution to the MCU.

Did we forget a heroic or villainous team-up that you’d like to see in the MCU someday? Tell us why you think they deserve an on-screen team-up in the comments below!