18 Marvel character team-ups we’d love to see in the MCU

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Photo Credit: Marvel Studios.

16. Valkyrie and Sif

We’ve watched Heimdall save the heirs to the Asgardian throne and Asgard itself countless times. If there’s anything we’ve learned from Thor-related comics and the Thor trilogy, it’s that Asgardian team-ups kick bad guy butt. (And no, we don’t count the opening scene in Infinity War because the people of Asgard were already worn down from their extended fight with Hela.)

Whether Avengers: Endgame somehow resurrects the entire Valkyrie army or Valkyrie finally makes a cameo outside of Thor: Ragnarok, we know that we’re overly hopeful for a Valkyrie and Sif team-up.

Seriously, both Sif and Valkyrie have centuries of experience fighting. They’re long since master their swordsmanship and various fighting techniques.