18 Marvel character team-ups we’d love to see in the MCU

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Thor (2007) #5. Photo Credit: Marvel Comics.

Loki and Norman Osborn

When Tony Stark sold his former Stark Industries location during Spider-Man: Homecoming, a lot of fans started brainstorming fan theories on who or what company might have bought Tony’s former location. Obviously, we hope that it’s Oscorp because we want to see Norman Osborn flesh out his villainous side on screen in the MCU.

We’re all familiar with Norman’s villainous alignment and his issues with Spider-Man and various other heroes. However, he doesn’t always work alone. Though he hasn’t collaborated with any incarnations of Loki exclusively, the trickster and the Green Goblin have a history of working together during their time in The Cabal.

Their evil team-up could dual as an introduction to The Cabal and the various members within the organization. Even then, their collaboration can open up other MCU cameos.

After we got a glimpse of Norman in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (as well as the Osborn family in the original Spider-Man trilogy), we’d love to watch Norman’s rise to his supervillain alias in a live-action format. Though Loki and Norman haven’t directly collaborated in their evil plots in the comics, a Loki and Green Goblin team-up would introduce other villainy venues and teams in the MCU, and we’re definitely proponents of a perpetually growing MCU.