18 Marvel character team-ups we’d love to see in the MCU

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All-New Hawkeye Vol. 2 (2016) #3. Photo Credit: Marvel Comics.

Kate Bishop and America Chavez

We’ll never get tired of the superfriends trope. We all know Kate Bishop and America Chavez are more than just friends—and yes, we’re claiming our favorite headcanon is canon, and we aren’t ashamed. While we stifle our headcanoning emotions for a moment, America and Kate make us want to be better friends in real life.

Aside from introducing the Young Avengers and giving us tangible LGBTQ+ representation (and another Afro-Latinx superhero thanks to America) into the MCU, this dynamic duo is continually supportive of each other.

We already have complicated, but harmonious, friendships in the MCU. So far, most of the superhero pals are between the men of Marvel. We cherish these friendships because we love seeing healthy friendships, as there are few things better than legitimate hero bonding time. However, we also want to see the women of the MCU form multi-layer friendships, too.

Gamora and Nebula are getting there, but the comic book blueprints also house a myriad of friendship inspiration, and we want to see all the team-ups, hugs, and moral support that comes with them.