6 reasons to visit Park City beyond Sundance Film Festival


Park City, Utah plays host to the annual Sundance Film Festival. We offer six reasons to visit this wintry vacay spot beyond a celebrity-filled week.

Have you visited Park City, Utah? During the end of January/beginning of February, the Utah destination sees a huge influx of celebrities. The annual Sundance Film Festival makes this city a celebrity gawking fest. While those perfect photo ops might be intriguing, there is much more to this city.

After the screens go dark and the celebrities go back to Hollywood, Park City is still as beautiful, historic and worthy of a visit. Here are six reasons to visit the Utah city any time of the year.


With so many ski in and out resorts throughout the city, skiing is a huge reason to visit this Utah city. From expert skiers to those who can only conqueror the bunny slopes, skiing and ski resorts are a huge draw.

Even if that big run down the mountain feels a little too overwhelming, everyone can enjoy a little apres-ski. Those times sitting around enjoying a cocktail or a bite can be just as memorable as the perfect run. Maybe it could even boost your confidence to try a journey down a small hill.

PARK CITY, UT – JANUARY 21: A view of snow in the Wasatch Mountains during the 2018 Sundance Film Festival on January 22, 2018 in Park City, Utah. (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for Canada Goose)

Discover history

The Main Historic District is listed on the historic registry. This area shows how the mining town transformed into the popular skiing designation. While silver mining might not be booming, the old school charm is captivating. Just stroll through the area, which showcases galleries, restaurants and other shops.

For more than just a cursory look, stop by the Park City Museum. This area provides a detailed account of the numerous events that have shaped the city. From devastating fire to pop culture haven, this city is constantly evolving.

Food and beverages

If you watched last season’s Top Chef or read food blogs, the Park City food scene is on fire. The local chefs and restaurants are on top of many food trends. Farm to table selections have people discovering their inner foodie.

Also, the area is home to some amazing distilleries. Local purveyors have created some impressive offerings. Don’t miss the High West Distillery and Saloon. It is the only ski in gastro saloon in the world.

Utah Olympic Park

While very few people will feel the pride of watching their national flag being raised in Olympic glory, visitors can get a glimpse into Olympic training at Utah Olympic Park. The home to the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, the area has a variety of exciting experiences. Although the official Olympic training area is for athletes, visitors can test their nerves in a few “weekend warrior” experiences.

In Olympic Park, visitors can hike, take a Mountain challenge course and even conqueror an obstacle course. For those with nerves of steel, join a professional driver down an actual bobsled course. It will make you think that those Olympic athletes have no fear.


With many celebrities coming to Park City, the shopping is top of the line. The area offers all types of high-end clothing stores, art galleries and even Western wear. While not everyone will want to go home with a pair of cowboy boots, a little time window shopping could be quite entertaining.

Even if your budget isn’t unlimited, there are many options in any price range. The shops are mostly locally owned, which could encourage you to spend a little more while shopping local. A stop at Cake, with its feminine aesthetic, or Park City Mercantile, with its special packaging, these shops are definitely worth a stop and possibly a splurge.

The Arts and festivals

Sundance isn’t the only festival in Park City. Music festivals fill the summer months. The Deer Valley Music Festival brings together big names from popular music and the Utah Symphony. Bringing the classical with modern is a very enjoyable experience. Also, the St. Regis Big Stars, Bright Nights Concert Series is another popular musical festival.

For the art lover, the Kimball Arts Festival is one of the most well-attended art shows in the West. The vast and varied exhibits definitely will expand your artistic understanding. Also, throughout the year, the local arts association offers gallery strolls so that visitors can explore the local displays.

Have you visited Park City? What are your best reasons to visit?

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