The Good Place: Let’s talk about that emotional season finale


The Good Place ended its third season with a much more emotional ending than previous seasons.

The Good Place has a way with season finales.

Back in the show’s first season, it was the reveal that the Good Place was actually the Bad Place, and we couldn’t really fathom how the last dozen episodes had been straight-up deceit.

In the second season, Team Cockroach was given a second chance at life to see if they would become better people after a near-death experience.

Season three… this entire season was just a crazy whirlwind that took us in so many different directions. All of our characters grew and as they grew, our understanding of the Point System and the complexity of the real world grew as well.

And somehow we found our way back to the Judge and the unfairness of the point system and once more repeating the same experiment that we’ve already seen over 800 times… which seems a little repetitive for The Good Place and the expectations its set for us all.

Until the twist came: They have to wipe Chidi’s memory clean. With Simone being one of the new subjects, Chidi wouldn’t be able to be around her without letting something slip.

THE GOOD PLACE — “Chidi Sees the Time-Knife” Episode 312 — Pictured: (l-r) Kristen Bell as Eleanor, William Jackson Harper as Chidi — (Photo by: Colleen Hayes/NBC)

And so we are forced to start everything all over again, only with one character this time.

The Good Place has never felt this emotionally heartbreaking. Even if you aren’t an Eleanor/Chidi fan, you have to admit there was at least a small tug at your heartstrings. Especially when Michael started playing their going away present of memories they may have forgotten from all those reboots.

But we’re going to talk about this like the big Eleanor/Chidi shippers that we are.

Because this season, we finally got a good look at what a relationship between the two looks like. How they each rubbed off on each other in the cutest and most hilarious of ways. We saw a much more relaxed, less stressed, more confident Chidi. We saw a more down-to-earth Eleanor.

In the chaos of everything that came their way this season—where Michael and Janet took them, demons hunting them down in Canada, finding themselves four Oreos away from Heaven—Chidi and Eleanor were one constant.

And the fact that they both go into this major decision willing (but not quite ready) shows how much they’ve helped each other and how far they’ve come. We know they’ll fall in love again since they’ve done it dozens of times already.

But the stakes going into season 4 are high. Simone’s thrown back into the mix. Which… back during this reboot, Eleanor and Simone got along fine because Eleanor knew nothing about her past with Chidi.

It’s certainly going to be a different dynamic and we’re going to end up feeling all of the feels. Knowing The Good Place, they’ll tread carefully and then throw everything out the window.

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The only problem is: Now we have to wait until the fall to see how this latest experiment will unfold. Can we make it?