20 essential face masks for your next at-home spa day

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Anti-Drama Face Mask. Image via Frankbody.com

Frank Body Anti-Drama Face Mask

Price: $21.95

Forget the drama and one too many steps to a beautiful face, because the Frank Body Anti-Drama Face Mask is here to save the day (and our faces). This mask is easy to use rinse-off mask that is as much fun to read about as it is to use. And if you are wondering what I mean, just check out the product information to see cute and quirky statements like, “after cleansing, before moisturizing and during every Bachelor season finale, apply this to your face and neck with clean hands.” (It really is the little things.)

Basically, this is the kind of mask you can use whenever you need or want to. And for good reason, as this mask helps with calming the skin, eliminating breakouts, and even reducing excess redness. On top of that, when you use this mask, your skin will feel fresh, hydrated, and even smooth.

Plus, as an added bonus this is the kind of face mask that you actually can use on more than just the face. This really is an all over mask, as it can be used on your hands and neck as well.

This mask goes on for 15 minutes, and then you rinse your face and are all good to go. So this is the perfect mask for a relaxing spa day or whenever you want to give your face some T.L.C. And since you will definitely see results, we think you will love having this on hand whenever the mood strikes to pamper yourself.

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