20 essential face masks for your next at-home spa day

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Face masks have continued to grow in popularity to a point that makes them one beauty item we think is vital for the perfect at-home spa day. We’ve got some essential face mask picks that we think you just may like.

As part of a beauty routine, face masks are a great way to treat a variety of things. From treating dry skin to oily skin, there are a number of reasons why you might choose a mask as part of your at-home spa day.

And honestly, we admit that face masks are an indulgent option when it comes to getting into our beauty routine, because not only do they treat a multitude of problems, but they are also great for treating yourself to some T.L.C. when you need it.

But do you know what kind of masks there are? And even more important, do you know which masks are best for whatever you are looking to take care of? Luckily, we have looked at a number of masks on the market in order to give you the best options out there. From clay masks to peel off, these face masks are definitely going to be a part of your beauty routine.

And since we don’t use face masks every day, you can definitely choose the ones that are the best option for your skin type. That being said, I love having options, which is why I like to stock up on a variety of masks. And as long as they have a long shelf life, you can too. While my favorites are the cloth masks that are single-use, even then, there are so many different options that it can make it hard to decide which is the best.

As a quick note before we dive in, always remember to check ingredients before using any products. Some masks may have side effects depending on the ingredients used, and it is always a good idea to make sure you actually can use a product before you do.