Star Wars Resistance preview: Captain Doza’s precious daughter


Kragan Gorr demands more credits in the latest Star Wars Resistance preview. The First Order agrees to pay up only if the pirates manage to capture something precious from Captain Doza.

The pirates have been a thorn on Captain Doza’s side ever since the series started. They attack the station, steal their supplies, and generally inflict fear in the residents of the Colossus. He sends out the ace pilots to handle the problem, but there’s only so much they can do. Doza’s running out of options, but still, he refuses to give in to the First Order.

Given his roots as an Imperial captain, as unveiled in “Secrets and Hologram,” you’d think he’d readily sign up for the First Order’s protection. Instead, he tries to steer clear of them. We don’t know his reasons entirely, but Doza defected from the Empire. So his hesitation with the First Order stems from his original relationship and fall out with the Empire.

That said, it’s shocking Doza hasn’t suspected a connection between the pirates and the First Order, since it seems like an age-old “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” tactic. Then again, it’s been more than 30 years since Doza was a strategic military leader. He also has bigger priorities occupying his mind, like protecting his daughter.

Come to think of it, we should have seen this kidnapping plot sooner. Looking back at “Secrets and Holograms,” Doza didn’t want Torra flying or exploring the platform because he feared something would happen to her. He had a reason to keep her secluded in her room, but Torra didn’t understand her father’s intentions at the time. And given where the story is going, it looks like she’ll have a much better understanding after this episode.

Watch Commander Pyre and Kragan Gorr’s meeting in this recent preview:

Something else about this preview that caught our attention? This particular meeting between Commander Pyre and Kragan Gorr stands out to us because Pyre is the one handling the conversation while Phasma remains in the background.

We’ve seen this setup before, specifically in “The Triple Dark.” It makes us curious whether Commander Pyre and/or Major Vonreg will show up in Episode IX in place of Captain Phasma. It’d be amazing to see an original Star Wars Resistance character in the movie, especially since their armor is easy to translate to live-action.

Additionally, Kragan demanding more money sounds more like a death wish. Kragan and the pirates don’t realize how formidable a force the First Order can be, and we truly think this demand is going to backfire on them. It’s only a matter of time, right?

The pirates know too much in regards to the First Order’s illegal activities and such. They’re ultimately a liability. When their job is done, the First Order isn’t going to let them slide and thank them for a job well done. The First Order is going to tie up this loose end and eliminate them.

Then again, the pirates should be used to that kind of betrayal in their line of business and be familiar with the signs of when a deal has run its course. Will the pirates have a trick up their sleeve that the First Order won’t see coming? That’d be an intriguing twist.

Either way, the relationship between the pirates and the First Order is becoming more strained with each episode. Things will start crumbling soon, and we can’t wait to find out what happens.

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