10 best moments from Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego series

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New capers to plot

Of course, Shadowsan didn’t leave her completely alone and empty-handed. Carmen has lots of questions to ask him, but for now, the new data drive he left with her will keep her and her team busy with new operations that will help take down VILE’s scheming plans.

Good thing, too, since Player told her he combed the entire data drive they currently possess. Carmen refuses to go to VILE Island to get a new one, so it’s a brilliant move to have Shadowsan leave her a new data drive instead. It may result in a lot of trouble for him, but he believes in her cause.

Perhaps, Shadowsan will work to destroy VILE from the inside and help Carmen in the process. It could potentially put him in danger, which will force Carmen to return to VILE Island. Either way, a second season to this series is a must because the adventures are amazing and the educational aspect has us itching to learn more about the world around us.

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So far, she’s been to Morocco, Indonesia, Ecuador, the Netherlands, Australia, India, and San Francisco. Where in the world will Carmen Sandiego go next? We can only imagine.