Young Justice: Outsiders episodes 7-9 review: Decoded mysteries

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Still from Young Justice: Outsiders episode 9. Image via Warner Bros. TV.

Episode 9: “Home Fires”

“Home Fires” create a climatic storyline, as the episode introduces two different threats set again the Justice League and the Outsiders. Since the episode synopsis already spoils viewers that The Light hired an assassin to kill an, initially, vague hero, adding an extra assassin in the mix heightens the suspense.

This episode skillfully uses the dual assassin storyline between Orm, the Oceanmaster, and Lobo to misdirect viewers from deciphering who the real assassin and mark is in the episode. While we figure out that The Light sent Lobo to kill Forager and Orm went on a solo mission to fulfill his vendetta against the Justice League, we’re still left will a few questions.

The three episodes this week unravel enigmas about characters we didn’t even think to be suspicious of. However, we’re still wondering why The Light would send a villain to kill Forager specifically.

Sure, misdirection is the focal point of episode 9, and The Light sent Lobo on a fluff mission to kill Forager to conceal their ambiguous ulterior motives. However, The Light is always plotting, and we don’t think the nefarious organization would send a hit on a specific hero without necessity (beyond just organizing a hit on all of the Outsiders). Imminent fan-theorying aside, we’re just glad Forager only lost his exoskeleton in this episode.

Thankfully, the Outsiders combatted Lobo’s attack with their own series of misdirection in the form of a “fake-your-own-death club” 2.0. After all, we’re not ready for our favorite space insect to die (and, frankly, we’ll never be ready).

The next heroic generation

Though Orm’s attempted attack on the supermoms and their kids was a plot device to distract viewers from Lobo’s more pressing threat, Oceanmaster’s attempt to eradicate the new generation of potential heroes did include a brief Easter egg about the Super-Fam.

We already know season 3 has concealed other baby-sized surprises. From the West-Allen twins to Talia al Ghul cradling a baby Damien in her arms, we might expect a flash-forward either through some timeline tinkering or through a jump in narration so we can see a future team of heroes.

However, when Louis Lane walks into the super daycare club, she’s carrying a baby, who happens to don a Kal-El’s family crest. This hidden detail introduces another Superboy, Jonathan Kent who is also Superman’s non-Cadmus affiliated son. Though we’re already eager to see how the series will formally introduce Jonathan, these three episodes gave us a few other questions as well.

Episodes 7, 8, and 9 where overwhelmingly centered on decoding mysteries. Yet, Outsiders replenished fans with plenty of other questions, such as:

  • Why did the series choose now to introduce Vandal Savage’s backstory?
  • And what other debts does he have to the New Gods?
  • As for Darkseid, how will his nefarious goals differ in his animated adaptation?
  • Could the new generation of superheroes prelude another season of Young Justice? (DC Universe, please say yes.)
  • How many other villains has Simon Stagg controlled?
  • And will Jervis continue to manipulate more villains?
  • And obviously, can we just have Wally West back and happy?

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We have dozens of other questions, but those are our primary focus. We’re still not sure if we can trust Dr. Jace, despite what she’s told the Outsiders about being coerced into the trafficking operation and that’s she’s overly protective of Brion. After her cameos in Black Lightning and certain Outsiders-affiliated comic runs, you can’t blame us for distrusting her. As Young Justice: Outsiders continues, we’ll have to reorganize our journal of fan theories to prepare for all the impending plot twists and cliffhangers.