19 throwback singles we can’t believe are already turning 10 in 2019

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“Tik Tok” – Ke$ha

No, we’re not referring to that weird social network called Tik Tok, because I’m definitely way too old to even know what it is. It has officially been a decade since the world was introduced to Kesha, or should we say Ke$ha? The singer boasted about her, for lack of a better word, trashy style and her talk-rap singing really got people’s attention.

Kesha was kind of a prodigy for one of the biggest producers of that year — yup, you know who, Dr. Luke. I won’t go into the specifics because we’ve all heard enough about it, but in short, Kesha has claimed the producer not only pushed her to extremes when it came to making music, but also abused her as well. It was a troubled past that Rolling Stone lays out here, but Kesha has since reemerged and is doing much better lately.

Drama aside, 2009 saw the release of Kesha’s debut single “Tik Tok,” which was inspired by Kesha’s own life experiences, waking up hungover surrounded by women, which made her feel like Diddy. The song was inescapable that year, and is one of the best-selling singles in digital history. People love a party anthem, as we’ve seen already on this list, and Kesha gave us the goods.

Funny enough, though, “Tik Tok” wasn’t Kesha’s first flirtation with fame in 2009. She first appeared as the female vocalist on Flo Rida’s song “Right Round,” but since nobody knew who she was at the time, her vocals went uncredited. The song was a commercial success, and soon enough everyone knew who Kesha really was.