Young Justice: Outsiders preview: The creative process behind the series


As the third season of Young Justice continues to follow the Outsiders as they try to decode who’s operating the meta-human trafficking syndicate, episodes 7-9 will likely focus on some of the new heroes’ backstories.

Last week’s episodes of Young Justice simultaneously incorporated themes of loss and reaffirming identities while building upon three new Outsiders’ arcs — Forager, Halo, and Brion. As the third season will continue to follow the three displaced teens’ character development, episodes 7-9 will also focus on the meta-human trafficking syndicate and reaffirm an old villainous council in the Outsiders season. You know, The Light.

The heart of this Friday’s episodes will likely refocus on The Light as a more immediate threat for the Outsiders, which could lend the series to hint that the nefarious alliance could be involved in the meta-human trafficking syndicate. However, any future combat sequences with The Light would also serve as a way to distract the team from the meta-teen operations.

Misdirection from The Light and related members isn’t the only thing that can divert the team from their primary operative of shutting down the traffickers. Since Brion Markov is still on a personal mission to find and rescue his sister, Tara Markov, we can assume any sleuthing into the syndicate will unearth information about Tara. Given Brion’s impulsiveness that would make Bart Allen seem heedful, his path to find his sister could drive a subplot of the series down some more Markov lore.

Recent DC Daily episodes haven’t given us any clues into the future of Young Justice: Outsiders. However, Bringing Back Young Justice with Whitney Moore did offer DC Universe subscribers an extended look into how producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti and art director Phil Bourassa’s design team revitalized the Young Justice series after its five-year-long hiatus. In the second episode of Bringing Back Young Justice, DC Universe explores the animation process of Young Justice: Outsiders and how the creators behind the production use Young Justice related comics as an archetype of the character designs.

After elaborating on how the creative team implements elements from the comics in the costumes for the animated heroes, the creative team explains how they translate their storyboards into animatics, then to the final animations that subscribers watch. Apart from the animation insight, the creators also tell fans some of their highlights of the third season, and it’s clear that Forager is a favorite.

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Beyond making us question our lifelong disdain for insects, it’s clear that Forager is not only a fan-favorite but also one of the creators’ favorite new team members. Like Bourassa, we also want a Forager plushie. DC Universe, if you’re reading this, we’ll gladly buy a cohort of plushie version of the Outsiders!

Do you have a favorite new Young Justice addition? Or do you have a Young Justice character you’d love to see turned into a plushie? Let us know in the comments section.